Re6 story Trailer

Like every other hardcore fan ..been watching this trailer for 2 days …cannot wait for this ..


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random speed paint at work..time 30 mins

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Office Doodles

posting couple of doodles did at work in free time .

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A  quick doodle at work while listening to” abida parveen dhondo gay ager mulko mulko milnay k nahi nayab hai hum ….”

time taken aprox 30 mins photoshop and tablet

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came across this brilliantly made pakistani film heal …

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Potraits and Manipulations…

Aoa,everyone sharing with you some of the shots from a series i ve been working on..its called potrait and manipulations..its a collection of potraits manipulated in post…wantd to do this kinda work for a long time but neva really got a chance .its a WIP …so critics and comments are welcome …

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Sprite Spark

love these sprite spots….brilliantly executed ..thought to share it on my blog …

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NinjA Chrome Teaser

ey Everyone back after a while ..this is a teaser trailer i made jst for fun of the character ninja chrome i made last month ..all the animmation and rendering is done in a day ..was on bed bored and ill thought to dust of some animation skill animated basic poses for this ..i will be making more short around this character ninja chrome and will be sharing more details about this character and his story (when i develop that )..till then enjoy ninja chrome teaser and please forgive me for that i ll text saying animation by qasim naeem ..wanted to remove that typo but forgot and right now too lazy to do that ..

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Ninja Chrome

3d character design called ninja chrome ..Did 3d modelling  after a long time. was bored thought of doing some 3d character modelling caem up with this ninja idea …model shaded and rig in 2hrs render lighitn in 30 mins ..


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Scott kelby’s worldwide Photo Walk in Lahore

Today i attended scott kelbys worldwide photo walk in was fun organised by Mr Yasir Nisar who leads Pakistani Photographers Group on was a brilliant effort i was so excited and happy to be part of the walk meeting and interacting with cool photographers like yasir nisar and many others.Umer Saud got a nice sense of humor ..reminded me of  shooting and working with shoaib mughal.

Everyone met at Shahdin Manzil Mall road Lahore.The only downside was actually waiting for every1 in humdity…but the walk and time spend shooting with everyone awesome..Originally we would be walking from The Mall road to Anarakali bazar but the walk couldnt be completed coz of heat and humidty .

Sharing some of the pictures.

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